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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully

Welcome to www.phase4global.com or to the personalized website of a Phase 4 Global Independent Business Owner (IBO). Phase 4 Global herein will be referred to as "Company", "we", and "our".


Member/IBO Expectations:

I understand that Phase 4 Global is a direct selling company providing products and services either directly or through a service provider. I understand that Phase 4 Global markets its products or services to the consumer through direct marketing.

I understand that any income I earn in Phase 4 Global is determined by my personal activity and sales as an Independent Business Owner. I may refer other independent business owners to Phase 4 Global and commissions are paid based on actual product sales made by me or by other independent business owners in the team.

I understand that I may cancel my membership without penalty or obligation within 3 days of joining the Company and 100% of the $20 Administration Fee and Product Purchase cost will be returned to me within 10 business days following the receipt of written notice to the company from me. To cancel this transaction I will send a signed and dated letter stating my request to cancel by certified mail to: Phase 4 Global, 2321 Shelburne Ave SW; Decatur, AL 35603.

I further understand that after 3 days I can cancel at any time and that there will be no refund for product cost already paid but I will not have any future charges to any account. I agree to not do any form of charge-back or stop payment on any payments that have already been made.

A Member/IBO becomes qualified to earn on all 4 Phases of commissions as long as they meet the qualifications for product sales. Failure to pay the Annual Administrative fees will disqualify the Member/IBO from receiving commissions for as long as fee goes unpaid.

A Member/IBO’s product purchases may be transferred by will or assignment to immediate family members or heirs with approval from the Company upon receipt of proper documentation.

Login ID/Password Security

Each Member/IBO will be responsible for creating a Login ID and a password that only they will know and this information will give them access to their personalized back-office.

How the Company Compensation Plan Works

Phase 4 Global is a 2 x 3 Cycler with 4 Phases/cycles. All four phases are "Reverse Matrix" filling from the bottom to the top. When the 8 row fills, thru the selling of products by its members/IBO’s, the matrix separates into two new matrixs progressing members up a row.

I understand and affirm that there has been no guarantee of income, nor any assurance of profit or success represented to me. No warranties or guarantees either oral or written were made to me.

Product Purchases

You can purchase just the Phase 1 Product Package or multiple products from one of the Product Packages listed below. There is a $20 Annual Administration Fee per phase.

Phase 1 - $100

Product package includes: Hotel & Resort Savings Card plus Replicated Website, and Marketing Tools

Phase 1 & Phase 2 - $400

Product package includes: Hotel & Resort Savings Card and Concierge Card plus Replicated Website and Marketing Tools

Phase 1, Phase 2, & Phase 3 - $1100

Product package includes: Hotel & Resort Savings Card, Concierge Card, and Condo Card plus Replicated Website and Marketing Tools

Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, & Phase 4 - $3400

Product package includes: Hotel & Resort Savings Card, Concierge Card, Condo Card and Executive Travel Card plus Replicated Website and Marketing Tools



ALL Members must produce 2 New Product Sales to qualify to earn commissions. Member MUST have produced a minimum of 2 NEW product sales within the last 6 months from the current day to earn Commissions and Leadership Bonuses. If Member is in the Leader Position (Top) and is Unqualified - BUT becomes qualified after members have entered the 8 Row - they WILL NOT earn commissions on any sale made previous to them becoming qualified.

Jump Feature

The Jump Feature is active on all phases and will take place at the time a Matrix cycles. This feature gives you the opportunity to jump from the 8 row to the 2 row. If you are on the 8 row and have a Qualified Sale in the Phase you are in within the last 60 days, then you are qualified to jump. If you are on the 4 row and have a Qualified Sale in the Phase you are in within the last 60 days, then you will be safe and will not be jumped.

A Qualified Sale is defined 3 Ways:
1. A NEW direct Sale to that Phase you are in within the last 60 days
2. A Member cycling off and Re-entering into the Phase you are in within the last 60 days
3. A Member cycling off and Entering into the NEXT Phase you are in within the last 60 days (qualifies as a Sale for the Next Phase)


There is a $20 Annual administrative fee per phase which is paid at the time of your initial product purchase. Your annual fee will be deducted from your first commission check after your anniversary date. The administrative fee covers all administrative setup cost for web site, online back office systems, hosting and member/IBO services support for one year. The term of this agreement is one (1) year from the date of this application. There is a $20.00 annual renewal fee paid on or before the anniversary date of this agreement for each phase. A thirty day renewal grace period may be extended at the option of the Company.

Maintaining Eligibility for Commissions and bonuses

In order to be eligible to receive referral fees and bonuses, generated by your downline organization sales, you must meet the qualification requirements for the position you hold with Phase 4 Global.

Termination by the Company

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate any Member/IBO who it considers to have business ethics that are questionable and may thereby damage the image of Phase 4 Global

Damaging Intent

Any member/IBO who engages in chat, email, postings or any other medium content that is deemed damaging to Phase 4 Global or its members, will be terminated. In the conduct of business, you will safeguard and promote the reputation of the products and services of Phase 4 Global and shall refrain from any and all conduct which might be harmful to the reputation of the Company or to the marketing of its products and services.

Spam Policy

Phase 4 Global has a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY. We consider Spam to be unsolicited bulk email. I understand that the failure to comply with this policy can result in my immediate termination. I further understand that if I am terminated due to Spam, I will no longer be eligible to receive any future compensation, will not be eligible for a refund, and will permanently lose access to my website.

Changes to the Agreement

Phase 4 Global reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement without notifying you in advance and these changes will go into effect immediately unless otherwise stated. Please read through the Agreement periodically to review if any changes have been made. In order to maintain a viable marketing program and to comply with changes in federal, state, and local laws or economic conditions, Company may revise its Terms and Conditions from time to time.